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Q: Do background checks using credit reports improve the hiring success for increased security?
A: With making hire decisions, just as with any other business decision more information is best, it usually comes down to how much information can be accumulated and digested in a timely manner to impact the decision. Clearly having credit checks as well as other background checks does add to the information which can be weighed in order to hire the best candidate. Initial information is obtained just by witnessing the behavior and demeanor of the candidate.

Background and credit checks are necessary to fill those positions that will have a direct connection to sensitive and confidential organizational systems. To fill this type of position without the due diligence is negligence. Without the careful scrutiny of potential new hires, this can lead to the downfall of the business or at best an organization that underperforms. In professional sports, teams try to sign the best players in order to compete. A business organization is really no different, in that, they also need the best players to successfully compete in the business marketplace. The more information a hiring manager can obtain on a potential candidate the more often the decision to hire the right candidate will be made.

Q: Do credit checks add real value in determining the best candidate?

A: The trained hiring manager will have a solid understanding of how an applicants’ material interrelate and that a balanced evaluation is possible if the guidelines and procedures are clearly defined and observed. Will hiring mistakes happen? The answer of course is yes, but it is possible to have more successes than failures.